Bear Affair Tailgate Potluck

Bear Affair Tailgate Potluck

10/17/20 10:30 a.m.1:30 p.m.  

Since we can’t gather in person, let’s get together virtually. Whip up your favorite game-day fare, share your best foodtography, and swap tailgate recipes — a virtual potluck! Include #CalHC in your social media posts.

Do you live in the Bay Area but don’t want to cook?

Support some of these loyal campus caterers and have a meal or refreshments delivered.

ACT Catering and Event Production

Celebrate your Homecoming with one of the tailgate menus from ACT Catering!
  • Place your ORDERS NOW! — Please visit our online store.
    • All food will be cooked to enjoy at room temperature or can be reheated. ACT Catering will provide reheating instructions.
    • We are proud to let you know all that all of our packaging is plant-based and therefore zero waste.
    • Deliveries are contactless and safe.
  • Order/Cutoff dates
    • Orders can be done online or by phone at 510.654.0148. Orders must be received by Friday, October 16 by 5 p.m.
    • Delivery will be free of charge and available Saturday, October 17, 8:30 a.m.–noon within 25-mile radius.

Go Bears! Fiat Lux!

Grace Street Catering

Visit Grace Street Catering for more information.

Homecoming at Home!

Berkeley is always in our heart, and even though we can’t get together with Oski and sing “Fight for California” we can still tailgate and celebrate. Order a Homecoming Tailgate Kit from Grace Street Catering. There are a few options to satisfy your Berkeley cravings, Monkey Head anyone? Plus a few more refined offerings. Go Bears!

Slippery Fish Catering & Events

Visit Slippery Fish Catering & Events for more information.

Whether you want to make or simply plate your unforgettable meal, we have a variety of food offerings that’ll be the perfect kick-off for your 2020 Homecoming!

  • For something simple but refined, we have a Charcuterie Platter with our chef’s hand-picked artisan cheeses, high-quality cured meats with fresh Acme bread, apricot jam and more; perfect to pair with your favorite wine.
  • For the meat lovers, our Barbeque Kits will satisfy your craving! We offer two different kits for your specific tastes, such as our tender Tri-Tip in Chimichurri Marinade with potato salad, corn in a husk and more, and our flavorful Marinated Korean Kalbi Short Ribs with your favorite Korean sides such as chapchae noodles and kimchi.
  • Like seafood? Our easy-to-heat Paella Take-N-Bake is stocked with a variety of fresh seafood like Monterey calamari, clams, mussels and more, as well as seasoned meats over botan rice. Such refined flavors with zero effort - all you have to do is put it on a plate!
  • Lastly, we’re offering our popular Shogun Sushi Platter, featuring a variety of nigiri and sushi rolls made with our fresh, outsourced fish.
  • Food isn’t the only item that we’re offering! Liven up your “Homecoming” with a beautiful flower arrangement, arranged by our marvelous florist.

We look forward to catering a menu for the Cal Bears of 2020–2021!