California's Native Languages: History and Revival

California's Native Languages: History and Revival

10/21/17 9 am10 am  

In this lecture we will discuss the unique language profile of California, whose 90 or more Native languages belong to more than a dozen different language families. UC Berkeley researchers have played a central role in documenting these languages, even as Europeans have decimated their communities and European languages have replaced them in daily usage. Language restoration is an active effort throughout our state, and documentation in Berkeley archives can be used in this effort.

Andrew Garrett
Professor of Linguistics and Nadine M. Tang & Bruce L. Smith Professor of Cross-Cultural Social Sciences

Andrew Garrett received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1990 and has taught at Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of Texas at Austin. His research concerns language change and linguistic reconstruction, and the documentation and revitalization of Native languages of California, especially the Karuk and Yurok languages.